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Organic Modeling Clay for Kids

Ailefo organic modeling clay contains high quality certified organic ingredients. It is the first and only organic modeling clay on the European market.

The colors used are all natural dyes. Ingredients include blue-green algae, the fungus Blakeslea Trispora, grass and other green plants, red fruits and vegetables and burned sugar. Ailefo Organic Modeling clay does not contain perfume or parabens. All products used are exclusively from food-grade ingredients.

Your child can taste Ailefo organic modeling clay, which fortunately does not taste good.


  • Age: 3+ years old
  • Contains: 5 tubes of 100 grams of Ailefo Organic Modeling Clay
  • Colors: Green, Blue, Red, Brown, Yellow
  • Perfume free, Perfume free
  • CE certified
  • Made in Denmark
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